Why Pria

Our Promise: Delivering Evolved Wellness to You

At Pria, we’re committed to evolving the field of wellness – and to bringing you the best wellness programs and approaches available today.

Our promise to you:

  • We will bring you the most advanced solutions and approaches available now. We also will continually scan the horizon and challenge assumptions to stay ahead of the curve.
  • We will put you at the center of everything we do. In other words, we exist for one reason and one reason only: to serve you.
  • We will honor and treat you as a whole person and each “symptom” as part of your larger wellness picture. Guided by this principle, we will customize solutions to fit you, rather than to fit the majority.
  • We will respect your desire to have your hard work translate into real results. While we want to educate you, we believe that education without action, and action without results, is ultimately meaningless. We stand by the idea that for a wellness-based lifestyle and habits to be lasting you must see a tangible difference. Therefore, we hold your goals as though they were our own and are determined to help you evolve toward greater and greater health.
I lost 27 pounds thanks to Dr. Fernandez’s coaching and the information he provides. He explains everything very well, and he taught me how to check calories and carbs in the food I eat.
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