The Center

Walking Into Pria Wellness Center Is Not Like Walking Into a Doctor’s Office

Our overall atmosphere, upscale materials, recessed lighting, fine walnut woods, frosted glass accents and open layout are more reflective of a spa and set the right tone for achieving your wellness goals.

You’ll know right away that you’re teaming with a group of wellness professionals whose only goal is your well-being.

Advanced Equipment for Exceptional Results

Our state-of-the-art body composition analysis equipment uses bioelectrical impedance technology to evaluate your body mass index as well as the amount of fat, muscle mass and water in your body (since variations of body weight can be a reflection of water retention and not necessarily related to fat mass).

The body mass index is used to determine obesity through height and weight, but our equipment also determines:

  • The amount of fat surrounding internal organs in the abdomen
  • Whether the amount of fat in your body is adequately distributed
  • The total amount of muscle mass in your body, and whether the muscles are adequately developed
  • Your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories needed to sustain your life at a resting state)
Dr. Fernandez is very caring and genuinely interested in my progress. He’s gone through weight loss himself, and he doesn’t belittle me. I feel healthier, more informed, and I’m now aware of what I eat.
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