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Testosterone Treatment may Increase Lifespan for Men


Testosterone is the elixir of youth. Generally, men with optimal testosterone levels have less body fat, more muscle mass, stronger bones, healthier heart, and more libido than those with low levels of testosterone (≤250 ng/dl). Moreover, according to a recent study conducted in Seattle, Washington, men with low levels of testosterone tend to have a smaller lifespan. In fact, patients’ lifespan increased when taking testosterone treatment, thereby increasing their testosterone levels and their life.

What to do

Go to your primary care physician to get tested for your testosterone levels. If you experience fatigue, moodiness, difficulty sleeping at night, muscle/joint pain, increased fat around your mid-section, and/or a reduced sex drive, you may have low levels of testosterone. Start feeling young again! Take hormone treatment in order to boost your testosterone and live your best life.

See How Pria Wellness Center can Help

Set up a free consultation today at Pria Wellness Center to see if you are a candidate for testosterone treatment. Pria Wellness is a proud distributor of BioTe Hormone replacement which helps both men and women! Find out more how BioTe can change your life by watching these short videos which will answer any questions you may have. Lastly, if you have any additional questions feel free to call us at 410-565-6552!

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