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Frequently Asked Questions About Pria’s Weight Loss Management Program

How much weight loss will I experience?

Results vary depending on multiple factors such as these:

  • Initial weight
  • Personal food preferences
  • Ability to adjust to your new lifestyle changes
  • Existing medical conditions
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Individual metabolic profile

Rather than promise specific amounts of weight loss, we create a customized plan that is tailored to your specific health and weight loss goals. That said, patients in our jumpstart program who are using replacement meals can be expected to lose 3-5 lbs per week.

What should I expect at my first visit?

The initial visit includes a specialized body composition analysis using modern equipment. This will determine your body’s distribution of fat, muscle and water. It also includes an estimate of your current metabolic rate (the amount of calories your body consumes every day).

The physician will then obtain a comprehensive and detailed medical and diet history and conduct a physical examination. The evaluation will include blood work and a routine electrocardiogram.

Our board-certified physician will develop a weight loss plan, based on all this information and on your personal preferences, that best fits you.

This plan may include meal replacements (full or partial) or a dietary plan. The latter will be based, as much as possible, on your food preferences.

In addition to your diet plan, you’ll be started on a regular exercise regimen that will be designed based on your abilities, past exercise history and preferences.

The physician will also take your personal weight loss goals into consideration when designing your plan.

The length of your weight loss phase of the program will depend on your needs and goals. The average duration ranges from 12 to 20 weeks.

What is the difference between working with a nutritionist/dietitian and your weight loss program?

Our weight loss approach is much more comprehensive and holistic than what a nutritionist/dietitian alone can provide.

Our physician is board certified in Obesity Medicine, a certification which requires a thorough understanding of the treatment of obesity. He is, therefore, able to design a truly comprehensive program, including diet, physical activity, behavioral change and pharmacotherapy. He will customize your weight loss plan based on your specific health needs, taking into consideration your current medical conditions, health needs, prescription medications and your metabolic profile.

I don’t have time to prepare meals or follow special diets. Do you have any weight loss options that can work for me?

Our meal replacement plan (either as a full meal replacement regimen or combined with real food options) is a convenient option. Our products are varied, tasty, nutritious and easily portable. We will also teach you healthier ways to eat at any kind of restaurant, including fast food locations.

I have medical conditions that require visits to my primary care doctor and other specialists. I also take various medications. Is your program safe for me?

Our weight loss options are all medically supervised. Our physician is board certified in both Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine. This means that he is able to monitor your weight loss, as well as your other medical conditions, by reviewing your blood test results, ordering new ones if needed, adjusting the dose of your medications if needed and coordinating your care with your other physicians. It is impossible to receive this level of comprehensive services through over-the-counter or commercial weight loss programs.

I don’t have the energy to exercise (or I just don’t like to exercise). Can I lose weight on your program without exercising?

Your obesity medicine specialist will assess the cause of your lack of energy by reviewing your medical history, performing a physical exam and reviewing your blood work results. If a cause is found, different treatment options will be recommended.

For those patients who are not used to exercise or dislike exercising, our weight loss regimen will still work during the weight loss phase. Typically, once our patients change their dietary habits and lose weight, their overall energy increases, making it more feasible to engage in exercise routines.

Exercise is more important in the weight loss maintenance phase. Since our goal is to help you keep your weight off in the long run, we will teach you alternative exercise routines and ways to increase your physical activity and burn calories that can be applied to your daily life.

Since Dr. Fernandez is also board certified in Internal Medicine, will he become my primary care doctor?

No, he will not. The services provided are focused on your weight only. You must continue your usual care through your current primary care provider and other specialists.

I have older children in college who have gained a lot of weight. Can they be treated in your program?

Yes, our weight loss program is intended for those 18 and older.

I have been in many other weight loss programs and have regained all the weight I lost and more. How will your program help me keep the weight off?

Our program not only helps you achieve your weight loss goals but also helps you maintain your weight long term. During your follow-up visits, we will share educational materials that will support you in keeping weight off.

During your initial visits, your physician will have also identified areas of your lifestyle that need to change in order to increase your chances of prolonged weight loss maintenance. He will have designed customized interventions based on your specific needs to help you make those changes. Therefore, in our program, you’re set up for long-term results right from the start.

Is your program covered by my health insurance?

Our weight loss services are credit card only, but reasonably priced compared to other weight loss programs in the area. Although we cannot tell you if your health insurance covers our program, you may want to seek reimbursement through your insurance carrier by providing them your payment receipts.

I lost 27 pounds thanks to Dr. Fernandez’s coaching and the information he provides. He explains everything very well, and he taught me how to check calories and carbs in the food I eat.
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