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Feeling Weaker as you Age? Rethink Your Workout Routine


It is common to lose strength with age, but does not have to be a necessary part of life. As we age, our bones and muscles become weaker as a result of several factors including inactivity, hormonal change, and working out ineffectively.

What to do

A study published on JAMA found that nine nursing home patients aged 90+ were able to improve their strength by an averaged 174 percent after an eight week workout program. The key is consistent strength training throughout the week in order to build skeletal muscle. In order to prevent injury, find a professional trainer, or physical therapist to help you on your journey. It is just as important to be safe as it is strong.


Additionally, it is just as important to watch what you eat when you start working out. No progress is made if you workout without having the proper nutrients in your body to help repair and strengthen your muscles. According to a study on aging muscle loss, this means eating 0.54 grams of protein per pound of your ideal weight. Meaning, if you are underweight, provide the weight you would like to get to, and vice versa. Nutrition is just as important as strength training.


After all is said is done, do what you can to improve yourself, so you can live your fullest best life! If you are unsatisfied with your decline in strength, the answer is right before your eyes. Begin safely strength training today, and feel amazing tomorrow.

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