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A little exercise goes a long way

As little as ten minutes a day

Ten minutes of exercise a day can be enough to make you happier according to recent research on past studies. It is that easy.

Throughout the studies, exercise improved general happiness of participants. Moreover, the study concluded that exercise helps protect against symptoms of depression as well as the emergence of depression. In fact, exercising only one time a week increased happiness of participants more than those who did not exercise at all.

The more there merrier

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As little as ten minutes of exercise everyday will start to make you feel happier!

Of course, the more you exercise per week, the happier you will be.  The study states that those who exercised 30 minutes a day felt 30% happier than those who did not exercise as often.  To clarify, exercise can range from briskly walking, to relaxing yoga. Increasing your daily activity level is what matters most. As long as you are striving towards a more active lifestyle, you will reap the benefits, and live happier and healthier.

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